Goldbar Jewellers offer online shipping for all goods within the United Kingdom. Cost for delivery on items below £300 is £5.99 to cover for Royal Mail Special Delivery, and £7.99 for items above £300 to cover for Royal Mail Special Delivery, with the cost of the items fully insured on both options. 

Please note that the shipping service does not denote the speed in which the item will arrive, instead denoting the amount in which the item can be insured up to. We aim to deliver items to the customer within 3-5 working days of the order being placed, excluding bank holidays. Goldbar Jewellers are not liable to the compensation of the customer for any delays regarding the delivery of an item via Royal Mail. If an item is delayed in transit, Goldbar Jewellers are not able to offer compensation to the customer, as long as the item is still confirmed to be in transit by Royal Mail. 

In the case of an item being lost or not delivered by Royal Mail, Goldbar Jewellers will offer full compensation of the amount paid by the customer. This refund can only be processed once Royal Mail has offered confirmation that the item is no longer in transit, and has been lost or not delivered. If Royal Mail states the item to have been delivered correctly, a complaint of an item not being delivered cannot be seen as valid until confirmation of this has been given by Royal Mail. 

If an item arrived to the customer damaged in transit, Goldbar Jewellers will launch an Insurance Claim and an Investigation will be launched to confirm the validity of the claim. Goldbar Jewellers are only liable to offer compensation for this once the Royal Mail investigation has confirmed this claim to be true. 

Goldbar Jewellers does not currently offer international shipping of any sorts.

Returns Policy

For Jewellery to qualify for a return, it must still have the original tag attached to the item. The item must be returned in its original outer packaging and have no unforeseen defects, marks or discoloration; in accordance with the original listing.


A return request for Jewellery must be submitted to Goldbar Jewellers within 7 days of delivery to the client. If the Return Request is submitted beyond the 7 day return period, we are not obligated to offer this service. Please contact us to receive a returns request. 


Direct Monetary Exchange is warranted proceeding a return of Jewellery if the item:

  • Arrives at a weight, length or width which differs from the website listing by over 0.3 grams, 0.3” or 1mm. (Please note that weighing must be done on an accurate scale, on a solid and level surface. The weight will be re-inspected by Goldbar Jewellers jewellery scales upon return. This reading will be decisive in allowing a refund)
  • Is not the same item that appears in the listed images.
  • Has a clear physical defect that was not outlined in the listing. This includes a crack or break in a link, a significant scratch that cannot be amended via a polish, a non / poorly functioning clasp. (Please note that any Jewellery listed as New can be refunded for any form of visible defect, regardless of the severity)

Direct Monetary Exchange is not warranted proceeding a return of Jewellery if the item:

  • Has a minor physical defect that can be resolved by a polish, E.G a scratch. (This is not applicable to Jewellery listed as ‘New’)
  • Is a different colour tone to that which is displayed in the listing images, provided it is the same item.
  • Additionally if the client has a change in preference in regards to the purchase of the item.

If Goldbar Jewellers deems that the return does not meet this criteria for direct monetary exchange, a refund will not be warranted. In this case, we may still offer a store credit option, whereby the customer will receive store credit equal to the amount in which was originally paid. Alternatively, the client can pay the adequate postage to have the item re-sent to them.


Returns Process:

Upon delivery of the item, the client has a 7 day returns period to submit a returns request. If the Return Request is submitted beyond the 7 day return period, we are not obligated to offer this service. The return request submission can be found below.

Once received, we will respond to the client within 48 hours via the client’s chosen contact method.

We will provide the returns address, whereby the client will have 3 working days to send the item with their chosen courier (if the returns process proceeds with direct monetary exchange, we will cover the postage costs if provided with a receipt).

Upon arrival at the return address, the item will be evaluated within 3 working days and proceed in accordance with the terms and conditions stated above.

A direct monetary exchange will result in a refund to the card in which was used for payment only, which takes between 24 hours and 3 days depending on the bank the money is refunded to. Alternatively a store credit note will be sent via post or email.

Please contact the Goldbar Jewellers to submit a returns request 

Click & Collect

A click and collect service is offered on all items. Please bring with you your confirmation email, payment card and a form of identification that confirms your name and address. Orders can only be collected by the person placing and paying for the order. We are not authorised to pass the order to any other person than the purchaser. 

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